I forgot to show off my Christmas knits!

I think the last time I posted here was a while before Christmas, so hopefully I'm not doubling up on anything.

Some of the links to my own blog appear a few times as I've tended to post several projects at once over the holidays - it's not meant to be spammy, I just don't imagine anyone will want to click on all (or many) or the links!

I made two gloves from this pattern, and I love how they turned out!  The first pair were a commission for a friend's mother, which I knit in Malabrigo Rios, and the pink pair, in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, were part of my sister's Christmas present. I used 2.75mm needles rather than 4mm, as the pattern said, because they were just coming out too large on 4mm.

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Uninteresting backstory: I bought the yarn to knit this scarf in October, when one of my brothers mentioned that he needed a new scarf. Then my aunt saw me a triangle scarf and told my brother he should ask me for one. I asked if he wanted to be his Christmas present or to pay me for the yarn, and he asked if it could be an early Christmas present. So I finished it in early October, and by November he had lost it and asked for another one. (At least the fact that he asked for another one meant he really liked it!) However, I already had all this yarn, and his birthday being in may meant I couldn't make it for his birthday, and I didn't want to have it sitting in my stash for a year, so I decided to make it anyway. And that is the story of how I gave my brother three scarves for Christmas. (He loved this one too, so it was a good call.)

For people who like such things, the stripes form the Fibonacci sequence. :)  The body of the scarf is just 2x2 rib, but I joined a new strand for every stripe rather than carrying the yarn up the side, because evidently I hate myself.

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I really liked the look of Gandalf's gloves in The Hobbit, and I had some leftover grey yarn (it's the wrong shade of grey, I know, but using it on anything else would have been less fun), so I knocked these out. I added some ribbing at the top at bottom to avoid stockinette curl - I assume Gandalf's stay flat by magic. The leftover yarn was Debbie Bliss Rialto DK, and I used either 4mm needles or 3.5mm - I forgot to make a note.

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Fourth Doctor gloves. I based these off the Doctor Who Scarf Pattern, but halving the numbers of stripes, and changing the order around if one colour was becoming too prevalent. I really love how these turn out - knitting nerdy things makes me a specific kind of happy - and they were whisked away at a craft fair last week, so I may make a few more pairs. These are mostly acrylic and some wool - it seemed a good way to feel like I was using up lots of yarn at once. It's all DK yarn, on 4.5mm needles.

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The Knitting and Stitching Show came to Dublin the weekend after I graduated, so I decided to be decadent and bought myself a skein of Silk Indian yarn. It was only 110 yards, so it was always destined to be some sort of cowl. If I were to reknit this I'd make it a little snugger, and it may yet be frogged and turned into something else. I do really like the pattern though! (The yarn has a sheen that makes it hard to photograph well.) I think snugger + longer would have done it more justice.

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Nothing special, I just like the colours of the yarn. I had bought this to make a bobble hat as a commission, but due to some crossed wires, the person I bought it for thought I wasn't making it anymore, and I thought they didn't need it until some time later, so when i told her I had bought the yarn she had already done her Christmas shopping and was broke. Rather than have it sitting unused, I made it into a hat anyway.

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This is the second pair of full-fingered gloves I've made - the first pair was a disaster, just after I started knitting properly, and I didn't go near them after that. I'm really happy with how these turned out though, so it's nice to have that mental hurdle cleared.

This pattern is (or was, a few weeks ago) free if you follow the links through the pattern page and sign up for a Knitting Daily account. The send a lot of emails, but 'free' is a nice option.

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Thanks for looking! :)

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