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Beneath the cut are presents I made for Christmas for people on my F-list, and therefore couldn't show them off until after Christmas.

Xposted a couple of places.

This is actually meant to be part of a much bigger piece. The whole thing is a full square, with that border and corner, and different floral designs all through it. I got this much done and then despaired of ever finishing... because this took me over a year to do as it was.

It went to iceraptoress with great apologies for only getting 1/4 of it done. But I finished it up and framed it, and called it a day. Otherwise it would just sit there mocking me. :( The design is part of the Celtic Seasons Wheel by Joan Elliot.

Meanwhile, for porkwithbones, I did a small piece using a pattern I got for free off the internet. Since she's teaching science and math now, I found one with that actual theme! The original pattern was all in browns, but I wanted to dress it up, so I used my variegated threads to really punch up the colors, and I love how it turned out. She did too (always a good thing!).

Also for iceraptoress is another biscornu. I keep saying I won't do another one, especially a really complicated one, and then I do it anyway. So! This one is a fairly custom design, because it's all the City of Heroes and City of Villains archetype icons. I knew you would all be impressed!

Here is the white side, with all the heroic icons. Upper left is the heroic star of "blueside" - City of Heroes. Then Controller, and Blaster. Middle row is Peacebringer, and Defender. Bottom row is Warshade, Tank, and Scrapper.

On the reverse, on black fabric, are the villainous icons. Top row is Dominator, Brute, and the red spider of "redside" - City of Villains. Middle are the Arachnos Soldier and Widow icons. Bottom row is Corruptor, Stalker and Mastermind.

The gold stars and the gold thread joining them represent Praetoria, whose symbol is the gold star. Yes, I put this much effort into a crafted item!

I had to put all the icons together in a program first, like so, before I could stitch them:

Here's a pic of the "blueside" fabric before assembly. I actually had to start the villain side twice, because the first side was so difficult. I was using outdated programs to try to convert the images to a pattern, which didn't help me at all. pw_pw got me a chart for blue, but I ended up fighting with the programs to get the red side done. dvandom got me the red spider logo, because I couldn't find one that would fit. All the other images came from ParagonWiki.

Also, stitching blacks and dark grays on black fabric? GAH.

Still, I'm very proud of how it turned out, and, yes, all the thought I put into it. Even if I made a craft that only a certain community will even recognize. Let me tell you, people looked at me doing this and had no idea what these were even supposed to represent. ^_^

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