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Hello, I am having a bit of a dilema regarding making jewellery and I hope that someone here can tell me what to do!

I decided to make a necklace for a friend using a picture. Ive made it into a heart shape and decorated the edge with tiny rhinestones - its made from layers of thick card and covered with hard polish. Its worked so well that I want to make some more (I use my own artwork) to sell at conventions etc.

Here is my dilema - when I have these ideas, I get worried about someone else doing the same thing. Well, it seems that someone on etsy makes alot of this style of jewellery - they use shrink plastic pictures in the shape of hearts and the edges have bows,cabs or rhinestones (or all 3). I'm quite worried about putting mine online and then getting accused of copying their style. I know that craft ideas cross over all the time - I made some tiny bottles with fruit slices in and about a week later one of my friends did exactly the same thing - but they have already sold loads of these necklaces and its their style...to decorate a heart with stones. I know I am probably being a bit paranoid and I have found a few other pieces similar but I really dont want the drama/stress of copyright. Can you copyright a style though? I'm not going to be using the same pictures (thiers are off google and mine are drawn myself). Mine does look more or less the same as theirs though.

Any thoughts? My boyfriend has seen my necklace and theirs and he says I am being over worried lol but copyright issues worry me and I just wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing. I'm sorry if this isnt really appropriate for this comm but I thought someone else might have the same concerns and they could use the info as well =) and you guys always have the best advice. Thanks!

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