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Sewing/pattern question

Ok Craftgrrls, here's my dilemma.

I bought fabric intending to make a reversible bathrobe. I had shoulder width, arm length, and shoulder-hem lengths and just bought fabric based on a mental plan/pattern that was very simple/boxy - I've tried to draw it out here:

Argh, well, I fail at getting this image uploaded. Sorry about that :( Basically it's just a GIANT rectangle for the back of the robe, two somewhat narrower rectangles making the left and right front panels (sewn to the back panel part way in from the shoulder then folded down into a collar), and two rectangles sewn into tubes and sewn on to the top sides, so when it's all sewn together it makes a giant T shape and lies flat, no tailoring/tapering anywhere.

I was just going to cut out all the rectangles, sew the sleeves to the front/back and the front/back together at the sides and shoulders, then connect the two sides together at the cuffs, hem, and front/collar.
Now that I'm ready to start cutting, though, I'm starting to get worried that I should be using a *real* pattern, that the sleeves will hang/fit weird because they're just going to be attached perpendicular rather than on an angle...
Has anyone done something like this before or have any feedback/advice? I think I'm mostly worried because the fabric ended up being way more expensive than I expected/hoped and it's a gift so it's not like it'll just be mine and I can live with it even if it's not perfect - not that it has to be perfect, but I just want it not to suck.

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