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Dec. 22nd, 2012

Here, have a few FOs!

Ravelry link.

I knit these in lilac a while back, and decided to knit them again in a more subdued unisex colour as my gift for my family's gift raffle game thing in a week's time.

Christmas gift for one of my fellow CATS cosplayer friends, Katie. My very first CATS costume was a lioness, and I never much liked the unitard, so I'm about to remake it. However, my friend Katie tried the full costume on once, and loved it. A mutual friend decided to buy my unitard for her for christmas, so I decided to knit some matching warmers :)

Ravelry link.

This poor vest has been on my needles for about 18 months, because I kept putting it aside in favour of other projects, but it’s finally done :)

Made a few booboos along the way, the most notable one being somehow shifting a row a stitch or two to one side in the middle of the lace part, but it’s such a forgiving pattern that only that big one is noticeable, and even that isn’t all that noticeable when worn.

It was my very first time knitting lace, so I figure a few mistakes aren’t that bad :P

Ravelry link.

Scarf for my friend Jill, whose first novel, Spookygirl, was recently published. She’s also recently moved to somewhat colder climates that call for scarves, so I decided I wanted to knit her one, in colours inspired by the cover of her novel, sans the dust jacket :)


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