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Knitting for geriatrics....

...or whatever age I feel like being today, to be honest.

I can't believe I waited so long to get into knitting and crocheting and sewing and all that cool stuff. My sewing and crocheting projects are a bit messy right now, but it's all in the process of learning, so I'm cutting myself a break there.
I have a couple of owls I want to crochet for a good friend who is nuts about them, and I'm hoping I can do it before Christmas.  I also have some aprons I will be sewing up in a special pattern for another close friend with whom I run a home-based cake decorating business. Pics when they're done; they will be glorious.

Knitting, on the other hand...well, I started just this February to give my hands something to do during the long, cold, dark winter months up here in Canada, and I've really come to enjoy it.

No, that word's not strong enough.
Ok, I'm a little obsessed.

It started off with just randomly choosing a skein of cheap, multi-coloured yarn and plastic needles at the local WallyWorld...and now I've got a LOT of yarn of various types and many more needles (I'm currently in love with a set of vintage smooth metal ones I found in a thrift shop).  I have one large project I abandoned after working on it for months over spring and summer (I unraveled it all last month and re-balled all the yarn I used to make it -- surprisingly FUN!); one project actually completed and given away as a gift (pic below), and a whole bunch more in various stages of planning, execution, or completion. My living room looks like a granny exploded in here; I can't believe I yarn-bombed my own apartment!

Is there any saving me?
Do I want to be saved? ;oD

So this isn't just a  bunch of whingeing, here's my first project that I gave away; a large chenille baby blanket for my sister's baby; it's meant to be tossed on their wooden floors so the wee one can roll around on it and not whack his noodle. Nobody knew the gender until quite late in the game, so I went with yellow and multi-colour to cover my bets.
I look at it now and wince at how much better I could have made it, as my skills are getting progressively better (though I'm STILL not counting rows like I should be!)  It was my own design, as simple as it is, and I pretty much made it up as I went along.

I have two current knitting projects on the go at present: another baby blanket for my nephew for Christmas, and a shawl for my friend for Christmas. This baby blanket I'm knitting out of the softest blue, yellow and multi-speckled white baby wool I could find, and I pretty much created the pattern myself.  The shawl I'm scared to start, even though I'm running out of time, because it's from a pattern, and I don't really understand pattern reading yet! I don't want to screw this up!  I just keep telling myself, by this time next year I'll be making Moebius scarves on circular needles, and knitting blankets with the Entrelac stitch.  I can do this....I can do this...!

Wish me luck!

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