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More hats!

Thought I would post some of my more recent hats. Enjoy!
Please let me know if I posted any of these before. I cannot remember. LOL


This one I gave to a friend. Sorry about the lighting. It's one of my more Steampunk hats, with gears on either side. I should have gotten better pictures of it before I gave it away, but hindsight and all that. I think it turned out really well. It's one of three I have made without making the frame as well. It's also bigger than I usually make them.


This is one of the other hats that I have made with a pre-made form. The hat is not quite finished as I need to add some decoration and fix the lace trim at the back, but I really liked the fabric and the tulle with this one. Again, bigger than I usually make my hats.


Sorry about the blurry on this one. Again, my camera sucks. This one I like because of the Day of the Dead feel to it. This is actually an older picture, I have since added cording around the brim to hide the edge of the brim and the gap there.

I have actually decided to look into what it would take to turn this hobby into a paying one by seeing what it would take to produce enough to sell. So far I've figured out what it costs to make them, still figuring out prices for selling them.
Oh, and I've decided to go under the name My Dapper Demon for once I do start selling them. :)

If anyone has any constructive criticism, tips or ideas for future hats please let me know! I love hearing back from people on these.

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