I'm currently volunteering in a lab, the best part of which is that they don't expect me to come in if there won't be anything for me to do. I had a day off on Tuesday, so I got a commission started and finished while watching David Attenborough documentaries. A girl in the year below me in my department had asked me to make a hat like the one the kid in Moone Boy wears. I couldn't find a pattern that matched, so I kept this picture open to peer at and worked away. (Image is from this page.)

The bobble may be too big. It was hard to get no glare off it.

I used Katia Big Merino on 6mm needles for this. I could have made a more accurate hat with slightly finer yarn, but that wouldn't have been as warm, and also, that much colour-work is for people far more patient than I am.

I also gave away the last of my October birthday knits. I made a pair of gloves for a friend who's inexplicably enthusiastic about owls. I really like the subtlety of the pattern. It was free up until a few weeks ago, but I might buy it to make again in the future.

I knit these with Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton, as their person is vegan. It took less than one skein to make the pair, and I knit them larger than the pattern recommended to fit man-hands.

I made this neck-warmer on Thursday - it's nothing remarkable, but I like the colours. It's King Cole Riot, which I saw for the first time in a shop last week, and bought to see how it knits up.

I also posted these project to my blog.

I've been getting a bit sidetracked from Christmas knitting by commissions and knitting for craft fairs (useful when you're working for free), but I'm sure it'll be fine. Maybe.

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