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Knitting Problem- halp!

Over a year ago, I started knitting a skirt. I ended up experimenting with the waist band in a way that didn't work out, and I in the end I got frustrated and put it aside. Just today, I decided to pick it up again and try to salvage it. I undid several rows at the top, and found, to my surprise, that they weren't unraveling the way knitted work should, but rather getting stuck, knotted, etc. I didn't think much of it, but when I'd finally undid to the point that I wanted, I found myself facing a really, really bizarre knit-like stitch.

I'm sorry the photo is craptastic, but I tried to clarify where things are with the painted lines. The red is the stitch, the green the previous row. As you can see, the yarn is twisted through it, such that the previous stitch is neither around to the front (purl) or around to the back (knit), but rather woven through. Therefore, if you try to pull it out, it gets caught, rather than just undoing. How did I accomplish this?? I don't even. I can knit the stitches reasonably fine, but I really would like to know what on earth I did to get it twisted like that. I've been puzzling over what I would have had to do and I can't seem to figure it out--every knit or purl stitch variation SHOULD come out with a loop, not a knot, right? It seems to me that many of the previous rows are also like this. I started this project so long ago that I don't really remember the details, but I'm fairly certain that I was just doing (or TRYING to do) a normal rib.

If anyone has ever seen this before or has any idea what is going on I'd be very grateful as I am incredibly curious. :3 Thanks in advance!

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