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Happy crafting!

Carol from The Walking Dead

I'm back with another Amigurumi using the AmiguruME book.  I made another character from The Walking Dead, this time Carol Peletier.

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Baby blanket sizes

Hi all,

My current WIP is a crochetted baby blanket;
The colours don't really come across in photos, but it's very nice!
But I have a dilemma;it's a corner-to-corner pattern, which means I can't just keep crochetting until it looks like I'm going to run out of yarn; I have to make a decision about both size and shape when I'm at most halfway through. Right now, I have used almost half of each of the four balls of yarn I'm using, so if I start reducing now on both sides, it will be a square blanket, around 34 inches on each side plus whatever border I do for it (which might involve buying another ball of yarn, unless I use a completely different colour for it). Or I can make it a bit bigger (about 40 x 40 maybe, which I'm told is the right size for a receiving blanket), and/or I can make it rectangular, in which case I will definitely need more yarn.
What do you reckon, Crafty ladies? Should it be square or rectangular? What's a good size for a baby blanket?

My ACEO sized Sizzix die

I can't remember if I mentioned to this group that I had a custom die for my Big Shot made. It worked out really well and was very easy to order. It was $45 on sale, so a lot cheaper than I thought!

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Today I have a very exciting blog post. It's the story of how I ordered my own die from Ellison, probably better known to crafters as Sizzix, makers of the Big Shot die cutting machine. Some of you know I used to make a lot of artists trading cards. But I always got hung up on being precise about the measurements and cutting all the cards from different materials. Thought was killing action! So, I thought, I'll just find a die and crank out tons of cards.

Well, it turns out that it's very hard to find a die with the right dimensions. If it exists, my Google-fu is severely broken. I could find rectangle dies for sure, but none were the same dimensions as an artist trading card. The closest I came up with was 2.25 x 3.25". The size of rectangles seemed pretty arbitrary. So I just happened to be on the Sizzix website and saw a Thanksgiving sale on custom dies. I sent off an email and found out that they only made custom block style and not wafer thin dies. Not a problem though! I put the order through, approved a proof and a few weeks later, my die arrived through FedEx.

I couldn't wait to try it out and got a piece of scrap paper. It cut a perfect crisp Artist Trading Card. Look at all the cards I cut from old brochures, paper scraps and maps. It made dozens of dies in minutes.

It's true that I have a digital die cutter, but it uses sticky mats, and delicate materials like thin paper and fabric wouldn't work very well. I really enjoyed the friendly and prompt service from the Ellison rep, and yes, they ship to Canada. It was wrapped in a bubble mailer inside another bubble mailer. I promised the rep that my next order would be far more exciting than a plain rectangle. Probably something with a horse or a bird, you know me!

Now I just have to get into action and make some completed ATCs and ACEOs :-) Stay tuned!

Metal schtuff

OH HAI Craftgrrls! Long time no see! I've been doing some metal work jewelry recently combined with making my own glass opals and stuff, and here is the result!


Evolving Forest Scarf

scarf sm

It started with an experiment to see if I could apply my wire tree technique to wool yarn. It worked. Then I arm-knitted (look up arm-knitting on YouTube if you don't know about it already -- it's fun!) a scarf and needle-felted the tree onto it. Then I thought that it might be fun to make some leaves to attach to the tree's top...and then I remembered that I had recently made a little snake who has since moved into this tree (do you see him?). Now I am thinking that I need to make some birds, a squirrel, etc...this could be a never-ending and always evolving wearable cuddly warm forest! :)

Here is a cute picture of the snake when he was first born --
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...flew into my yard today --


and landed on my hand,
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I finished my crochet Daryl Dixon!  He has his crossbow and arrows, a knife, and his red bandana, he also has his mole!  Tons of photos under the cut!  I made his crossbow with a pattern I found off Ravelery, his arrows and quiver thing I made using wire and electrical tape.  The arrows are small dowel rods with feathers on the end.
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Max the Cat

Another papercraft card...

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