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May I point out to ya'll our tags section, memories and pinterest.

Happy crafting!

Prints Galore!

Here are some of the printing methods I’ve tried out.

baroque-d 01
Deep etch & dry point. The motif is from an original sketch of mine.

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Well, that was all. Hope it wasn’t too long! :-)

All details, more prints and closer descriptions on how they were made can be found in this post where I have listed all the links leading to the individual posts about these prints.

Chip Clips made from clothespins

I painted some, not others, covered the front in washi tape, paper or ribbon.  Embellished with ribbon, shells, beads, and stick-um pearls and rhinestones.  I hot glued a magnet to the back of each one for easy storage on the refrigerator!

and because I cant figure out how to get thumbnails to show up, here's a link to my flickr photostream:

Community Questions!

I have a few things I'd like to post here, but usually, when I have a 'back log' of stuff to post, I wait a few days between posts for the comm to fill up with other posters, thinking people like variety. However, I've noticed the Craftgrrl comm have slowed down considerably lately. I lurked here for years before I started posting myself (it was always one my absolute fave comms), and I can't remember this place ever having so few posters. There used to be several new posts a day, and now... So, I was wondering:

1) Where IS everybody?? :-) I'm not imagining things, am I? The comm has slowed down, I mean, beyond naturally occurring 'ups and downs'??
2) What do you all think about seeing several posts in a row from the same person? Annoying?

Altered Kerosene Lamp.

So, what can you do with a discarded kerosene lamp that has seen better days?


As it turns out, quite a lot, actually…Collapse )

It was a challenge, but I managed to use all the parts :-)

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

Hey peeps, I bought a Crayola "light up drawing pad" as a cheap alternative to my old lightbox. The bulb burned out and I can't seem to pop off the cover. Time for a change. True to the description, it's lightweight, portable and usable in a brightly lit room. It comes in three colours - pink (Princess), purple (fashion show) and blue (rock stars and superheroes). I was really happy that mine was on the purple side of pink.

I like that it has raised edges and fits an 8.5x11" piece of paper almost exactly. Definitely a plus for kids or adults. It came with a package of pencil crayons, a pencil, blank paper and some tracing templates for the horse and girl fashion show. The paper could be of better quality, especially the paper templates, but you can always download and print more from their website. This is a great item for crafters too or artists that travel a lot. It fits in your lap and stashes in the craft bag nicely :-)

The only small problem in an otherwise well designed product is that the battery cover is held on by two small screws, so a miniature screwdriver is needed instead of a full size one.

I couldn't help myself and tried out the horse fashion show :-D


Beginner Sewing Machine

My husband asked for a sewing machine for Christmas and he has never sewn before. Any recommendations for a beginner sewing machine that is easy to use?


I've been keeping busy crocheting up a storm and I've finished off 3 new original designs. One has been months of work the other two were much smaller scale projects, and here's what I have to show for it:

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Compassion Card Project

Hi everyone. I wanted to post to let you know about a project a local teacher is doing where I live that I'm hoping some of you might be interested in participating in. She teaches high school students with special needs and leads an annual "Compassion Card Project" around this time of year. The class's goal is to collect handmade cards from as many locations around the globe as they can. The class maps where the cards come from and then they are delivered to places like orphanages, hospitals, homeless shelters, and other people who might appreciate the compassion. Please consider participating and spreading the word to people you know who might be interested too. So many of the people in this community make really beautiful work and are such sweet and kind people that I thought you'd all love the opportunity to make a difference in some peoples' lives this season. Deadline is December 15th!

Thank you! Here is a flier you can read for more information and forward to anyone else.

Nov. 24th, 2014

Medieval opus Anglicanum, Some pieces done by my lovely students on a recent course at the ashmolean museum


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