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Happy crafting!
Hi peeps, just wanted to share my photos from the Festival of Quilts. It was a gorgeous day and the park was packed. It was really difficult to get pictures - we were there first thing in the morning, but it probably would have been easier to wait until after lunch! I avoided the marketplace and resisted buying any new fabric :) Click the picture for more.

Festival of Quilts, Heritage Park

Apr. 30th, 2015

Medieval lady and squirrel embroidery

( and some whinging, but you can ignore the whinging)


It's been forever!

Hey everyone! I used to post here regularly but when I took a long break from crafting I almost forgot about this amazing community! I just wanted to share a few on my newest pieces with you guys. I am excited to scroll through all of the years of missed posts of great crafting. :-)

These are some of my newest and favorite new necklaces I am making! They are a little different than what I usually make so let me know what you guys think...

title or description

More of my new jewelryCollapse )

Apr. 23rd, 2015

Dear friends! I've already shown here some of my beading cartoons. Today I want to share my greatest beading passion with you. I'm a bit crazy beaded butterfly maker and have made a lot of butterflies (more than 130 of 77 different species)
So, let me show you how to weave my favourite European butterfly - inachis io.
You'll need some fire-line, a beading needle size 11-15 and 17 colours of beads size 11.

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