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[sticky post] OMG crafting!

May I point out to ya'll our tags section, memories and pinterest.

Happy crafting!

Inside Out Apron!

Originally posted by samssignaturese at Inside Out Apron!
Hello Everyone come and check out my newest apron and the tutorial I used!

Color-shifting opals!

Hello lovely craftgrrls! I made some more of my handmade color-shifting glass opals to share! It's a little hard to tell from the photos sometimes, but all of my pendants/necklaces are fairly large (I like 'em big!). If you click on this image, you can see them in full-size.

My Red Polka-Dot Pants!

Hello everyone!  I just finished another peice to my wardorbe!  Come and check out more information about these pants HERE!

Warmest Winter Jacket Ever!!!

Originally posted by samssignaturese at Warmest Winter Jacket Ever!!!
I just made my first winter coat ever!  I AM IN LOVE!! It goes all the way down past my knees.  Come and see how it was made.  (I linned it with super thick winter fleece). CLICK HERE!

Plushie pictures and another question

Last month I completed the plushie I was puzzling over regarding the yarn.

Pictures!Collapse )

I'm quite pleased, especially with the yarn and the hat! And the suspenders. I should have thought to get a better shot of them from the back.

My next plushie project is running into a bit of a brick wall. I need a doll wig, but I am having the most ridiculous trouble finding a light to medium brown doll wig, size 13-14, shoulder-length, and without bangs/fringe or any fancy styling. Where do you buy your doll wigs? I tried eBay and I tried Googling for doll specialty websites selling the kind of wig I'm looking for. Nothing! It's such a simple style, I'd think there'd surely be something on the market. I'm getting rather exasperated. I might have to resort to one on eBay that's similar to what I want, but looks a lot longer. I'd rather get the length I want to begin with; I don't really want to cut one up.

Purple Flower Power Dress

Originally posted by samssignaturese at Purple Flower Power Dress
Hello!  Come and check out the details of my newest dress for my sister.

Housewarming Card

My friends bought a new old house and invited us to their housewarming last weekend. I whipped up this card in about an hour before we left for the party.

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