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Sep. 13th, 2014

Parts one and one A of my medieval stitch along are up on my blog for those who wish to take part

This beading animated tutorial shows how to weave an openwork beaded rope with rhombs (flowers).
This rope technique was invented by Maya Y. Anufriyeva.
You'll need beads (3 colours), a beading needle and fire line or fishing line. If you use beads size 11, you'll need beading needle size 11-15 and fishing line with diameter 0,15 mm.
My other beading cartooned tutorials you can see at my web-site http://katenkin-biser.ru/lessons/indexeng.php
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A Few Altered Book Pages.

I posted a few of my altered book pages a while back here on craftgrrl, and now I’ve finished a few more spreads.

Stamping, gesso, inkpads, stenciling with acrylics and watercolors.

First, this is the last spread in the altered book, though I don’t do the spreads in order, so there are still spreads to finish in the middle of the book. But that’s why this spread have a stamped ornate frame on it, as this is where I’ll sign the book as a piece of art, once it’s all completed.

All details here.

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Autumn Floral Sculpture

Awesome Blossoms, Awesome Design, Awesome Video
IF YOU LIKE IT, SHARE IT and watch the inspiration BLOSSOM!


Rag doll - completed!

Hi guys,

Thanks for the advice on my post a little while ago about figuring out a tricky doll pattern. I persevered with the book I had bought, scanned the patterns to a .pdf and took it to Kinkos, where they printed it on the biggest standard-weight paper (it's actually light cardstock rather than normal printer paper) they had; it turns out to be only fractionally bigger than the 140% the book recommends, but adding seam allowances and using the pattern lines as stitching lines (which you're supposed to do, but the instructions just sort of mention that in passing so I did it wrong first time!) helped a lot.
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An Assortment of Made-Over Boxes.



These small and plain cardboard boxes can be bought in craft stores, and are readymade to be decorated. I had two of these, one with a window in the lid (the one showed here) and one without (not on the photo).

Lots of more ‘before & after’-pics after the cut:

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Medieval stitch along

I'm hoping this is ok to post here, since you can take part without buying the kit

I'm doing a stitch along for a medieval purse in laid and couched work on my blog. There will be step by step stitch guides.

It's free to take part if you want to use your own materials ( pattern will be a PDF) or I'm also offering kits. This is the heads up post so those who wish to take part can gather materials/ order kits in time to start.


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