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Happy crafting!

Four Mixed Media Dark-Themed Canvases.

I made a series of four “Goth-ish” mixed media pieces of artwork on 9 x 12 inches canvases. The theme was the dark colors, mostly black and sepia, with accents of gold and red. I also wanted to play with 3D elements, and going outside the actual canvas.

A sneak peek.

Four canvases behind the cut, in order of creation:

Five more photos:Collapse )

Oct. 16th, 2014

I have my second ever medeival embrodiery article sort of published today, there is a dgital version but the paper version is still at the printers


Small tote bag

I decided to sew gifts for my co-workers this year and of all the things I've made so far, this one came out the best.
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So I kind of want one of Build-a-Bear's Ninja Turtles plushies. But one thing that I'm having a hard time getting over is the fact that the shells are removable. It makes sense to them, so you can put clothes on the Turtles, but seriously, everyone knows turtles' shells are not removable. And I started wondering if I could sew the shell on.

Has anyone attempted this with a Build-a-Bear Ninja Turtle plushie? (Or any of their past turtles, which also had removable shells?) I'm wondering if the idea is conceivable to execute or not. I think I should be able to do it, after studying a Raph plush in-store, but I'd love to hear from someone who actually did it!


Can anybody help me find a crochet pattern for FOOFA from YO GABBA GABBA? I know there is one on Drunken Aunt Wendy's blog, but it's 31 inches tall, I need something smaller! I have seen links to other patterns, but none of them work... I'm fairly new to crocheting, maybe somebody can teach me to alter a pattern to make the doll smaller while still keeping it proportional?

A Few Artist Trading Cards.

ATCs are miniature pieces of art, the size of a baseball card, or the like, which are often traded and collected. I don’t trade my cards though, I just like the challenge of creating mixed media art in such a small size, and are only making these cards for myself, and for my own amusement.

I made a post here last year, showing some ATCs, and since then I’ve made a few more, and thought I should show a selection of those here again.

All base cards are made from cereal boxes and a rounded-corner punch.

art (9260)
Magazine cut-out, inkpads, gold acrylic paint, gold paper ribbon, teal acrylic paint, wooden butterfly ornament, copper acrylics and a stamp.

16 more ATCs here:Collapse )

That was all for this time, hope you enjoyed them! All insects were found already dead, and the egg shell was also found already hatched and discarded. Luna moths doesn’t exist here in Sweden, but was sent to me from the USA.

October is National Craft Making Month!

Celebrate your craftiness with a month-long challenge: Craft every day during the month of October! NaCraMaMo is like NaNoWriMo, only for crafting. Join the challenge over in nacramamo. For the month of October, work on a project, or part of a larger project, each day and post a photograph.

I look forward to seeing you and your work in nacramamo!

Sep. 30th, 2014

Sunday I finally made that new tote bag I've been thinking about for weeks! The pattern is from AllPeopleQuilt but the interior is from a pattern sent to me by iceraptoress, because the original pattern was just an open bag, and I wanted pockets! So I Frankenquilted the two patterns together.

I also lengthened the straps so they would go over the shoulder. The fabrics were a happy accident - I was going through my stash and realized I had all those white-dot fabrics! The body fabrics were part of a fat quarter bundle (and in fall colors, too); the orange straps/bottom and yellow interior were remnants.

New things I learned on this project:
- how to make pockets!
- how to do curved edges

Stuff I still need to learn:
- how to turn inwards the raw edges of the seams
- how to sew the strap ends between the bag outside and liner. That was mostly because I didn't read the instructions completely (oops) which led to me using invisible thread to attach the straps.

The whole thing took probably 4.5 hours - I didn't get started until 12:30, and finished about 7:30, but I was out of the house for 2.5 hours during that time. This time included selecting & cutting the fabric.

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Fee Fie Foe... THRUM!

Hi everyone!

Long time no post! Been kind of away from LJ for a while, you know how it is... Facebook time suck, job, etc but I have been loving watching all the crafting that's been going on in here!

So, in a pre-holiday frenzy I am stash busting and gift making up a storm. (I am very poor at the moment so it's a "use what you have" christmas over here) I have been trying to turn most of my stash into mittens and things and I thought I would like to try my hand at thruming.... but I have some questions and I know that when you need crafting advice there is no community of crafters I can count on quite like my craftgrrls!

I have never thrummed before but I have seen some youtube videos and I found this pattern and I think I am up to the challenge.

My question is, does thrumming need to be done with real roving? Can I thrum with a thick and fluffy roving like acrylic yarn? Does the thrumming ever fall out because it's really just pieces of roving stitched into the knitting?

Thanks a million!

Oh, so this isn't just text... here is a pair of mittens I made a few days ago. They are made from Patons Colorwul in 100% wool and I used this pattern.

photo 2
photo 1 (1)

Happy crafting!

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