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[sticky post] OMG crafting!

May I point out to ya'll our tags section, memories and pinterest.

Happy crafting!

Something new to knitt

I love trying out new stuff, so I have recently read an article on making yarn kimono jackets. This looks sooo hard, I wanted to ask has anyone tried it, and what was your experience.
I am still not sure should I even start :)


Хранитель Стужи

Только что закончена большая работа о зиме, её ледяных снах и бесконечности. Время, когда не веришь в весну.
Миниатюрная роспись маслом по природному камню. Фурнитура: стальная проволока и флюорит-крошка.

DIY Upcycled EOS Chocolate Lip Balms

Being the lip balm addict that I am I go through lip balms fast. I threw away several EOS containers awhile back, but this time I was determined to do something fun with them. I made my own chocolate coconut lip balm with beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, vitamin E (acts as a preservative), and nutella. I've used chocolate chips before, but wanted to try something different. I think it turned out pretty well.

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20-In-One Fairy Tales

20 in one series are beautiful story books with special foiling cover. 20 stories in each book will not only fascinate children but will also add on to their best of collections. Every story will teach children a specific moral. The series consist of 20 titles. children won't be able to resist reading after looking at this lovely collection of books.

Pomelo marmalade

My brother has a pomelo tree and he isn't sure what to do with the fruit - it's thick-rindmesocarp and tends toward a lemony flavor. While waiting for our own lemons to ripen, I thought I'd try my hand at pomelo marmalade.

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Hey peeps, did you get anything crafty for Christmas? Make any special Christmas crafts?

Stylin' Green Vest

Hey everyone!  I made this vest for my brother for chirstmas.  Click on the picture to come see more info about it!

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