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[sticky post] OMG crafting!

May I point out to ya'll our tags section, memories and pinterest.

Happy crafting!

Aug. 1st, 2015

Это украшение сделано из полимерной глины, использованы детали часового механизма и ручная миниатюрная роспись.

Здесь будет посвящение.
Есть порода людей, вымирающий вид: с уникальной неспособностью портить отношения с кем угодно. Отличительная такая черта. Пока мы, простые смертные, наращиваем ядерный потенциал, или страдаем звёздной болезнью, они приводят в гармонию всё, чего касаются. Я знаю одного такого. И вы узнаете его по этой штучке на шее. Если встретите, знайте, что Вам очень повезло.

Тот, кто смягчает углы

This adornment is made of polymer clay, parts of clockwork including hand-painted miniature.

There will be a dedication.
There is a breed of people, endangered species: with an unique inability to spoil relations with anyone. Kind of a distinctive feature. While we - mere mortals - are increasing nuclear capacity or suffer from star fever, they bring into harmony everything they mentally or physically touch. I know of one such people. And you'll recognise her for this little thing on her neck. If you meet her, know that you are very lucky.

The One Who Softens The Angles


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A sun theme selection of bead works

This summer appeared to very warm which inspired us to make a short review of the beaded suns this week!

Оригинал взят у biser_info в Тема солнца в бисеротворчестве
во многих местах лето выдалось жарким, что и дало нам тему на эту неделю - солнце из бисера во всех его проявлениях!

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Moar gems already

Hi guys! I made these last night and got very excited, so I'm sorry for the double post! I discovered a way to make glass dragon's breath opals, aka mexican opals (which I've only ever seen pre-made ones and only in small ovals before), and thought they would look awesome in some vintage hardware made into necklaces. Hope you like em, too! They are an extremely vivid red, sometimes magenta, with flashes of iridescent blueish purple coursing through it.


Hiiiiii craftgrrls! It's been foreeeeeever. I recently started experimenting with layering metal, and making my own glass gems/opals. Here's my newest!


How to make scars on plushies

So, suppose I want to make a plushie of the character in my icon. (I might not, since I made a plushie of a different character the same actor played, but the idea is still there.) This guy has quite a long and nasty scar along the left side of his face. What would be a good way to go about depicting the scar on the plushie? I know one popular method is to draw with a black marker, but I don't really want a black outline. Are there other options? Also note that the scar is raised up and I might want to have it be so on the plush.


The diameter of the earring is 12mm.
Polymer clay cabochon is placed in a beautiful real gold plated copper setting.

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