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[sticky post] OMG crafting!

May I point out to ya'll our tags section, memories and pinterest.

Happy crafting!

Oct. 7th, 2015

I'm leading a medieval embroidery stitchalong on my blog. technique will be laid and couched work, images are a lady/spinster and knight from the lutrell psalter.

the basic pattern pdf is now available for free download at my blog, further details are there

Hello, I'm plushie-making again and at one critical part of this project, I need something that I can use to represent many small braids. Of course, yarn is one option for this. I'd also thought of thin cords. But I'm not going to glue them, so I'm wondering how to sew them in without them easily coming undone and slipping away from the thread. Of course, a friend recommended the procedure of sealing the ends with a candle flame, which I will probably end up doing. (She also mentioned clear nail polish, which I don't want to use.) But I'm wondering if there's any other options too, like maybe being able to buy a pack of cords that are already sealed at the ends? Thank you!

50's Dorthy Isn't in Kansas Anymore

Originally posted by samssignaturese at 50's Dorthy Isn't in Kansas Anymore
Hello Everyone!  This 50's styled Dorthy is another Dance Team Costume for the Illini West Girls!  You can see how I made it at my http://samssignatureseams.com/2015/09/30/dorthys-not-in-kansas-anymore/

Hey peeps, I just wanted to crosspost my experience at the Etsy Made in Canada show last weekend which you can read on my art journal - purpleponyart . It was so crazy! My sales were good, but of course I wish I had more of the things that sold best :D

I have four more craft sales booked for November. Is anyone else prepping for the season?


Hi, I'm not sure if this kind of post is allowed. I recently started to try learning a traditional craft called "nålbindning - needle-binding" or (apparently) "Schlingentechnik". You take a single needle and make a bunch of knots in some wool yarn, in the end you can make hats, socks and mittens and so on that are more durable and apparently warmer compared to knitted ones.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a more specific community I could post eventual tutorials/projects I make to? I wouldn't count it as knitting or crochet but maybe other people would, that's why I'm confused.

Here's a good tutorial for it so you can see what it is (in the beginning she just talks about needles and then it gets going): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwdWeENoeTw


The Complete Book of Retro Crafts

Hi peeps, I had to go back into the sands of LJ to find the name of this book that I mentioned in a comment on the recent tin box post. How time flies! I never did make a new set of glitter houses :)

Originally posted by calzephyr77 at The Complete Book of Retro Crafts
I really liked this book, which encompasses a lot of popular kitschy crafts from the past. Suzie Millions curates. It's easy to forget that crafting used to be a lot more about reusing things from around the house as opposed to buying kits from Michaels. A lot of the pieces have a real folk art quality to them, as well as ingenuity. Paper chains, glitter critters, matchstick work and "reinbeers" are among the delightful projects. My favourite was a set of Christmas houses. We had such a set (covered in glitter of course) that became worn over the years. I can't wait to make a new set.

Tin Box

So... I tried to make a box out of a tin can following the idea from aduial_eternal at Tin Can Boxes...
I can tell you it was not as easy as it may seem at first. Scratching paint of was not the hardest part of it at all. For me the hardest part was to make the lines for folds light enough so that when bent, they would not break apart. I have finished the top half of this box and not sure that i am able to make the second half... because it's just a bit frustrating to have the material unable to withstand the impact of folding. The idea is good, it's just i have no patience in perfecting my technique making folds.
2015-09-21 17.33.47.jpg

You can see here the break along the fold on the short side. This fold should hold the box together, so the break means that the box can unfold itself at any moment.
2015-09-21 17.46.31.jpg

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